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Philosophy Crush Podcast with Dr. Paul Fairfield 

As we all adapt to the realities of COVID-19, it is so important as philosophers to continue to think and imagine ideas in new ways.

For the past couple of years, Queen's Philosophy Professor Paul Fairfield has been exploring "smaller, everyday ideas" through his podcast Philosophy Crush.

The most recent episode is entitled "Feed the Imagination" and it is a wonderful introduction to his thought-provoking podcasts. In these brief (about 10-15 minutes) episodes, Dr. Fairfield looks to contemporary issues through a philosophical lens and invites his listeners to think, imagine, and probe the surrounding world. While our Queen's philosophy students, graduate students, and professors are physically distanced, this is a great way to feed the philosophical imagination!


For more on Dr. Fairfield's work, please visit his website.

And please enjoy thinking with Dr. Fairfield in this most recent episode as well as the back-catalog of his podcasts!