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Graduate Student Colloquium Series, 2015-16

All talks will be held on Fridays at 2:30 in the Departmental Lounge (Watson 341), unless otherwise noted


Winter 2016

January 15        Omar Bachour

                         Enlightened False Consciousness: On Cynicism and Praxis

January 29        Luke Kersten

                        A Mechanistic Account of Wide Computationalism

February 5        Torrin Doppelt

                        Idle Material in Spinoza's Ethics

February 12      Joanna Tinus

                        Naturalization, Nationalism and Integration

February 26      Jared Houston

                        Plan B for Climate Change? (Dissertation Research Seminar)

March 4            Michael Vossen

                        Advising and Practical Intelligence

March 11          Omar Bachour

​                        G.A. Cohen and Community (Dissertation Research Seminar)

March 18          Agnes Tam

                        Enabling Moral Progress: Using Factory Farming as a Test-Case

April 1              Jeremy Butler

                       Judgment and Justification in Aggregative and Deliberative Democracy (Dissertation Research Seminar)


Fall 2015

October 16         Brennen Harwood

                         Why Do We Value Equality? Contesting the Coercion Approach to Egalitarian Justice

October 23         Angie Pepper

                         Global Gender Injustice: An Ethics of Care or Cosmopolitanism?

November 13      Frédéric Côté-Boudreau

                          Enabling Autonomy for Animals and People With Cognitive Disabilities (Dissertation Research Seminar)

November 20     Matthew Cull

                         Ontological Injustice