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On April 15, Jason Millar was invited to provide testimony at an informal meeting of experts on Lethal Autonomous Weapons at the United Nations in Geneva. The meeting was held under the framework of the UN Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW). The purpose of the CCW is to “ban or restrict the use of specific types of weapons that are considered to cause unnecessary or unjustifiable suffering to combatants or to affect civilians indiscriminately” (CCW Website). Jason’s presentation, Meaningful Human Control and Dual-Use Technologies, was aimed at exploring some challenges that weapons systems designers could face if they try to design for maintaining meaningful human controlover semi-autonomous weapons. The presentation built on Jason’s PhD research on the ethics and policy of automation technologies (robot ethics), by linking it to some current work in moral psychology. Audio recordings and electronic copies of the various expert panels, including Jason’s testimony, are available at the UN CCW website.