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Josh Livingstone






My work is largely rooted in the continental tradition, in particular the areas of hermeneutics, phenomenology, and existentialism. I completed my BA in Philosophy at King’s University College, after which I acquired an MA in Theory and Criticism at Western University. My master’s thesis considered the creative potential of Heideggerian questioning as described and practiced in Being and Time. At Queen's, my research focuses on the application of Gadamerian hermeneutics to the practice of Journalism in North America. Specifically, I am interested in constructing an account of journalism (tentatively called "dialogical journalism") which is skeptical of the possibility of impartiality and encourages the ethical participation of journalists in the act of forming and transforming our shared horizons of understanding. I also draw on the work of Martin Heidegger, Paul Ricœur, Hannah Arendt, Simone De Beauvoir, Friedrich Nietzsche, and various other continental thinkers.