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Let me say this: if you are going to change sex, the world is not safe. If your visual presentation is not easily categorized as male or female, the world is not safe. For trans people of all sorts, the world is complicated and messy—sometimes violent, sometimes chaotic, often confusing, and frequently filled with joy and random acts of kindness, beauty, and love. But this world is anything but “safe.”
—Vivian Namaste, Oversight

I don’t believe in safe spaces. They don’t exist. I do, however, believe in dangerous stories.
—Kai Cheng Thom, Fierce Femmes and Notorious Liars

In 2019, Lana Wachowski made history as the first out transgender woman set to direct a blockbuster film with the fourth installment of The Matrix series. While this may seem exciting, things on the ground look bleak: fascism is on the rise and protections for transgender people are being repealed and weakened around the world. In the era of climate catastrophe, do issues of representation really matter? This talk takes a critical approach to questions of trans representation and resistance. After giving a brief history of contemporary movements for trans liberation, I explore the social, political, and aesthetic endeavors that trans communities are currently undergoing which challenge a representation/resistance binary. From the music of Quay Dash and SOPHIE, to the literature of Gwen Benaway and Kai Cheng Thom, this talk explores the (im)possibility of liberation for trans people at the end of the world. Imagining futurities in the face of oblivion, one thing is certain: the soundtrack to the apocalypse is bubblegum bass.

Join OPIRG Kingston on Monday October 7th, at 5:30 in Dunning Hall Room 11 for a presentation by local organizer and graduate student Sofie Vlaad over Skype. The presentation will be followed by an informal discussion/Q&A. Snacks will be served.