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Image of Artistic Creation coverPaul Fairfield's new book, co-authored by Jeff Mitscherling, has just been published by Lexington (an imprint of Rowman and Littlefield). The book is titled Artistic Creation: A Phenomenological Account.

Artistic creation has proven remarkably resistant to philosophical analysis. Artists have long struggled to explain how they do what they do, and philosophers have struggled along with them. This study does not attempt to offer a comprehensive account of all creativity or all art. Instead it tries to identify an essential feature of an activity that has been cloaked in mystery for as long as history records. Jeff Mitscherling and Paul Fairfield argue that the process by which art is created has a good deal in common with the experience of the audience of a work, and that both experiences may be described phenomenologically in ways that show surprising affinities with what artists themselves often report.