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Kerah Gordon-Solmon in Philosophy and Public Affairs

Kerah Gordon-Solmon has a new article in the journal Philosophy and Public Affairs, one of the most prestigious journals for moral and political philosophy. While contractualism seems to resolve some morally fraught conflicts well, it does less well in situations where the conflicts involve substantial risks and benefits. Kerah proposes a novel solution to the problem, by drawing out the core thoughts behind contractualism. The article was workshopped at the Queen’s Political Philosophy Reading Group. 


Congratulations to recent graduates!

Congratulations to students who have successfully defended their theses! Students who have recently completed degrees are:

Jeremy Butler, PhD, Democracy, Instrumentalism, and Power as a Trust: On the Foundations of Political Instrumentalism

Alex Cousins, MA, Reason, Agency and the Malaise of Mental Health

Alisha Sharma, MA, An Exploration of Coloniality and Decolonial Violence: Towards a Loving, Resurgent War


Interview with Lisa Guenther

In the past few years, the Department of Philosophy has added a number of permanent faculty. We're introducing them one by one through short interviews. Today we introduce Lisa Guenther.