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Policies and Practices of the Philosophy Department

Equity and Philosophy brochure

Diversity and Inclusion Resources for Philosophy


Committees for 2018-19

Head of Department: Christine Sypnowich

Appointments: Lisa Guenther, Andrew Lopez (Student Rep), Jon Miller, Elliot Paul, Udo Schüklenk, Sergio Sismondo, Christine Sypnowich,

BOGS:  David Bakhurst (Chair, year 2 of 3), Steve Leighton (Fall), Elliot Paul (Winter), Mick Smith

BUS:  Paul Fairfield (Chair, year 1 of 3), Rahul Kumar, Joshua Mozersky

Colloquium:  Jon Miller

Computer:  Sergio Sismondo

Equity and Women’s Concerns:  Udo Schüklenk, Christine Sypnowich

Library:  Steve Leighton

Newsletter:  Sergio Sismondo

Nominating Committee:  Kerah Gordon-Solmon, Rahul Kumar, Jon Miller

RTP:  Rahul Kumar, Jon Miller, Joshua Mozersky

Strategic Planning: David Bakhurst, Paul Fairfield, Kerah Gordon-Solmon, Sergio Sismondo, Christine Sypnowich