Faculty & Fellows

This page includes lists of the Department’s core faculty, cross-appointed faculty, adjunct faculty, teaching fellows, post-docs, research fellows, visiting scholars, emeriti and retirees, and faculty in memoriam.

A note to prospective graduate students about these categories. “Core faculty” are faculty whose primary appointments are to the Department of Philosophy. “Cross-appointed faculty” are members of the Department of Philosophy whose primary appointments are to different units (for example: Political Studies, Law, or Mathematics). Both core and cross-appointed faculty are involved in training philosophy graduate students: like core faculty, cross-appointed faculty can (and do) lead graduate seminars and serve on or chair thesis and dissertation committees.

Note finally that there are faculty involved in training graduate students who are not included in either group. These include, for example, faculty in other units who teach in the M.A. in Political and Legal Thought (PLT) program, and who can (and do) also serve on doctoral dissertation committees, but who are presently not cross-appointed to Philosophy.

Core Faculty

David J. Bakhurst Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics, Russian Philosophy, Philosophy of Education

Paul Fairfield Continental Philosophy

Kerah Gordon-Solmon Moral and Political Philosophy, Bioethics

Lisa Guenther Critical Prison Studies, Phenomenology, Feminism, Continental Philosophy, Social and Political Philosophy, Critical Race Theory

Deborah Knight Philosophy of Art and Philosophical Aesthetics

Meena Krishnamurthy Social and political philosophy, Africana and Indian Political Philosophy

Rahul Kumar Moral Philosophy / Ethics, Political Philosophy, Moral Psychology

Will Kymlicka Political Philosophy

Daryn Lehoux Ancient Sciences, History and Philosophy of Science, Astrometeorology

Dolleen Tisawii'ashii Manning Anishinaabe Ontology, Studio Visual Arts, Phenomenology, Critical Theory

Adèle Mercier Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Cognition, Logic, Semantics, Linguistic Theory, Legal Philosophy, Feminism

Jon Miller Early Modern Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy

Joshua Mozersky Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Language

Elliot Samuel Paul Early Modern Philosophy, Epistemology, Philosophy of Creativity

Dalitso Ruwe Intellectual History of Africana Philosophy, Anti-Colonial Theory, Africana Legal History, Black Male Studies, Hip Hop Philosophy, Black Philosophies of Education

Udo Schüklenk Bioethics, Practical Ethics

Sergio Sismondo Science and Technology Studies

Mick Smith Environmental Ethics, Gadamer, Social Theory and Hermeneutics

Catherine Stinson Philosophy of Science, Ethics of Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy of Neuroscience and Psychiatry

Christine Sypnowich Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Feminist Philosophy

Cross-Appointed Faculty

Cheryl Cline (Health Sciences) Bioethics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Ethics

Jeffrey Collins (History) History of Political thought, Thomas Hobbes, John Locke, the English Revolution, Liberalism, the History of Christianity, Toleration and Religious Freedom, Constitutionalism, Monarchy

Colin Farrelly (Political Studies) Political Philosophy, Bioethics, Practical Ethics, Ethics

Andrew Lister (Political Studies) Political Philosophy, Political Theory

Margaret Moore (Political Studies) Political Theory, Political Philosophy

Ram Murty (Mathematics) Number Theory, Indian Philosophy, Mathematical Logic

Michael Pratt (Law) Philosophy of Law, Theories of Private Law, Moral Philosophy

Jean Thomas (Law) Philosophy of Law, Ethics, Meta-Ethics

Grégoire Webber (Law) Philosophy of Law, Human Rights, Public Law

Adjunct Faculty

Omar Bachour

Jeremy Butler

David Campbell

Jacqueline M. Davies Feminist Thought, Jewish Philosophy, Narrative Reasoning, and Critical Thinking

Nancy Salay Philosophy of Cognitive Science, Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics

Mark C. R. Smith Philosophy of Mathematics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Thought

Teaching Fellows

Owen Clifton (Teaching Fellow)

Adam Schipper (Teaching Fellow)

Michael Luoma (Teaching Fellow) 

Joshua Livingstone (Teaching Fellow) 

Post-Docs, Research Fellows, & Visiting Scholars

Sue Donaldson (Research Associate) Animal Politics, Animal Ethics, Political Theory, Feminist Philosophy

Pablo Perez Castelló (Post-Doc)

Birte Wrage (Post-Doc)

Jessica Nihlén Fahlquist (Visiting Professor) Bioethics, Public Health Ethics, Risk Ethics, the Ethics of Technology, Environmental Ethics, Moral Responsibility

Emeriti and Retirees

Jerome Bickenbach Bioethics, Philosophy of Law, Disability Studies

Albert P. Fell Philosophy of History, Philosophy of Art

Jacalyn Duffin Medical Epistemology, Concepts of Disease, History of Medicine

Michael A. Fox Nineteenth-Century European Philosophy, Existentialism, Philosophy of Peace, Cultural Studies, Environmental Philosophy

Leslie Green Philosophy of Law, Jurisprudence, Moral and Political Philosophy, Constitutional Theory, Human Rights

Henry Laycock Metaphysics, Semantics, Philosophy of Language, Marx

Stephen Leighton Ancient Philosophy, Philosophical Psychology, Ethics

Alistair M. Macleod Moral, Social & Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law

Christine Overall Philosophy of Ageing and Death, Philosophy of Gender and Sexuality, Procreative Ethics, Philosophy of Religion

Carlos G. Prado Epistemology, Descartes, Foucault, Rational Suicide, Physician-Assisted Suicide

In Memoriam

Susan E. Babbitt Early or Theravada Buddhism, José Martí

D.L.C. (Lorne) Maclachlan Epistemology, Perception, Kant

Ted Bond