Luoma, Michael

Michael Luoma

Ph.D. Candidate


Arts and Science

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Research Interests

Political Philosophy, Moral Philosophy

  • B.A., Honours (Philosophy), University of Toronto
  • M.A., (Philosophy: Political and Legal Thought), Queen’s University

Michael’s research is centered in theories of territorial rights, political authority, and collective self-determination. Within that domain, and in dialogue with Indigenous political philosophy, Michael’s doctoral project examines the conditions for legitimate treaty negotiation processes and just territorial rights arrangements on Turtle Island. In addition to this work, he is interested in the philosophy of migration and the ethics of political action. Michael is a settler, born and raised in Orillia Ontario on Chippewa territory (Crown Treaty 16, Chippewa Williams Treaty).


"Collective Self-Determination, Territory, and the Wet'suwet'en: What Justifies the Political Authority of Historic Indigenous Governments over Land and People?", The Canadian Journal of Political Science (forthcoming).