Pablo P. Castelló

Pablo P. Castelló

Postdoctoral Fellow in Animal Ethics


Arts and Science

Specializations / Research Interests

Animals Politics, Animal Ethics


Pablo P. Castelló is the 2022-2024 Postdoctoral Fellow in Animal Ethics at the Department of Philosophy, Queen’s University. He completed his PhD on “The Language of Zoodemocracy” at Royal Holloway University in London in 2022, and has worked as a Research Assistant at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law (2021-2022).

Pablo’s project at Queen’s develops his theory of “zoodemocracy” – focusing on (i) how animals tell us about the infrastructure they want, the fundamental legal rights they demand, and the common good they co-author; and (ii) the institutional mechanisms for translating animals’ political agency into concrete policies, and law.

He also conducted research at St. Edmund's College, University of Cambridge and at the Cambridge Centre for Animal Rights Law, where he studied how the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia should change in light of the argument advanced by Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka that wild animals should have a right to self-determination. His research also engages with ecofeminism, postcolonialism, disability studies, and critical race theory.

Sample open-access articles

‘Conservation After Sovereignty,’ Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy

‘A Strategic Proposal for Legally Protecting Wild Animals,’ Journal of International Wildlife Law & Policy

‘Zoolondopolis,’ Animal Studies Journal