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Rogney Piedra Arencibia


Among all the issues of epistemology, the problem of the relationship between the ideal objects created by science (e.g. models, theoretical constructions) and the real world that science tries to describe and comprehend is one of the most difficult and the most important. Are there different types of these ideal objects? And, if so, what is the peculiarity of those that are used in scientific cognition? Let us assume that they are artificial (man-made) yet objective representations through which human beings discover the universal and essential properties and relations of the real world. This hypothesis, however, does little to answer the previous questions. Only the unfolding of exhaustive research that comprehensively explores the connection of the ideal to the real could vindicate the hypothesis in a way that resolves the fundamental epistemic and metaphysical issues at stake and elucidates the character of scientific inquiry. This connection, examined throughout the lens of Activity Theory, primarily through the prominent Soviet philosopher Evald V. Ilyenkov, will be the object of my research.


I obtained my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in the University of Havana, Cuba; where I worked a few years following my graduation.




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