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September is a busy month for thesis defenses. Here are the ones currently scheduled, and there will be updates as the month progresses.

Jacob Erola-Channen  MA
September 4, 2015
Title:  But What Kind of Thing is a Fusion? Circular Reasoning in Sider’s argument from Vagueness
Supervisor: Josh Mozersky
Examiners:  Henry Laycock, Lorne Maclachlan
Jan Swiderski  MA
September 10, 2015
Title:  “Stuff” and Substantial Change
Supervisor: Henry Laycock
Examiners:  Joshua Mozersky,
Sarah Ann Goodes, MA
September 21, 2015
Title: “Here’s Looking at You,” Rick: Casablanca and Pyrrhonian Skepticism
Supervisor: Jackie Davies
Examiners: Jon Miller, Steve Leighton
Matthew Taylor  PhD
September 24, 2015
Title: The Scope of Justice, Who Should Rights Protect?
Supervisor: Will Kymlicka
Examiners: Alistair Macleod, Christine Sypnowich, Jeff Collins (HIST), Susan Dimock (York University)

Dante Diotallevi, MA
September 25, 10:00 am
Title: A Contemporary Interpretation of Robert Fludd’s Philosophical Illustrations
Supervisor: Sergio Sismondo
Examiners: Daryn Lehoux (Classics), Lorne Maclachlan​

Kyle Curran,  MA
September 25, 2015 3:30 pm
Title:  Nature Enframed:  Technology and Heidegger’s Environmental Thinking
Supervisor: Mick Smith
Examiners: Paul Fairfield, Stephen Leighton

Marilena Danelon, MA
September 28, 10:00 am
Title: Ignorance Production and Corporate Knowledge
Supervisor: Sergio Sismondo
Examiners: Annette Burfoot (Sociology), Mick Smith

Matthew Farr, MA
September 28, 2:00 pm
Title: Diagnosing Drug Shortages
Supervisor: Sergio Sismondo
Examiners: Cheryl Cline, Patricia Peppin (Law)

Andrew Puzzo  MA
September 29, 2015
Title:  Against Epistemic Agency
Supervisor:  David Bakhurst
Examiners: Sergio Sismondo, Joshua Mozersky​

Denys Robinson, MA
September 30, 4:00 pm
Title: The market failure model of business ethics
Supervisor: Sergio Sismondo
Examiners: Alistair Macleod (2nd reader), Rahul Kumar