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Sofie Vlaad






Sofie Vlaad is a graduate student pursuing her MA in philosophy at Queen’s University. She completed her BAH in philosophy at Queen’s University and briefly considered working in gender studies before being pulled back into philosophy like in that scene from Godfather 3. As an undergraduate, she published an article entitled “Moving Towards a Transsexual Metaphysics” in the inaugural issue of Falsafa. Her current projects include a paper applying the lens of epistemic injustice to processes of (mis)gendering—particularly in the case of trans people—and a larger project applying the philosophy of Deleuze & Guattari and anarchist politics to issues of racial, environmental, and transgender justice. She is currently organizing a reading group/speaker series on trans philosophy for Winter 2020. When she is not doing philosophy, Sofie engages in social justice organizing and activism on campus and in the community. She frequently gives talks and workshops on equity issues and anti-oppressive practices. Sofie is away from Queen’s for the duration of Fall 2019 but can frequently be seen giving presentations over Skype. She will be returning to campus in Winter 2020.