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Sofie Vlaad






Sofie Vlaad is a graduate student starting her PhD in philosophy at Queen’s University in fall 2020. She completed her BAH in Philosophy at Queen’s in 2018 and has since worked at the graduate level in both philosophy and gender studies departments. As an undergrad she published an article entitled “Moving Towards a Transsexual Metaphysics” in the inaugural issue of Falsafa. Her MA thesis, “The Transsexual Empire Revisited: a Transfeminist Reading of Janice Raymond” brings into conversation radical feminist thought from the 1970s and transfeminist thought from the 2000s onward to critique medical models of sex and gender. Other projects include an article in progress on practices of sex-segregation and acts of misgendering entitled “You Can’t Sit with Us,” and a workshop series on trans philosophy that ran in winter 2020. When she is not doing philosophy, Sofie engages in social justice organizing and activism on campus and in the community. She frequently gives talks and workshops on equity issues and anti-oppressive practices.