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Udo SchüklenkProfessor Udo Schüklenk had another busy week in the media. The Federal Government is proposing legislation that will expand access to medical assistance in dying (MAID). According to Schüklenk, the changes don't go far enough. He was on CBC's The Current and All in a Day, arguing that some patients with mental health problems deserved access to MAID. "There will be many such patients who are perfectly capable of making decisions both about their quality of life, and about the question of whether they want to continue it", he argued. Much of the concern about MAID and its expansion is concern about pushback from physicians. With this in mind the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party adopted a position in favour of physicians being allowed to avoid MAID on the basis of "conscience rights". Schüklenk has repeatedly spoken out against conscience rights, and did so again this week.