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Department represented at the 22nd International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time in Denmark

Kristan Aronson and Jill Korsiak standing by Hamlet’s Castle, Denmark

MSc candidate Jill Korsiak and her supervisor Kristan Aronson recently attended the 22nd International Symposium on Shiftwork and Working Time in the city Elsinore, which is approximately 30 kilometres north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The scope of the symposium was to address challenges and solutions for healthy working hours. The symposium embraced the organization of optimal designs of working schedules considering biological mechanisms that compromise health such as restitution and sleep as well as personal preferences for social life.

Jill took part in the poster session entitled “Sleep and fatigue”, where she presented her poster on the influence of shiftwork on sleep disturbance in female hospital employees. Jill said: “Each day was filled with presentations from researchers throughout the world, with a range of different focuses. The location was situated right on the ocean and during some downtime I went for a couple ocean-side jogs. I met a lot of really knowledgeable people that helped me further develop my own thesis project.”

Kristan Aronson co-chaired a thematic session entitled “Mechanisms – new perspectives linking shift work and chronic disease” and gave an oral presentation on shift work, cortisol, sleep disruption and the metabolic syndrome. Kristan Aronson added: “With conference attendees from over 20 countries, a wide range of research and policy was presented. We learned a lot, and the food and weather were also fantastic! I borrowed a bike from the hotel and went for a ride everyday.”