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Thesis Defense

Details of the thesis defense procedure are contained in the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

When the student is ready to defend, he/she must contact the Departmental Graduate Assistant and submit a thesis defense scheduling form (approximately three weeks before the proposed defense) to allow time for scheduling of the examining committee. Supervisors may make suggestions on possible internal and external examiners. The Program Director will review the list and the Graduate Assistant will contact potential examiners to determine their availability. The Graduate Assistant will fill out a Master's Oral Thesis Examination Form with the details of the examining committee. This form must be signed by the student's supervisors and the Department Head and delivered by the student to the Graduate Assistant 10 working days prior to the defense. Students are also responsible for distributing copies to the examining committee (one for each supervisor, one for the Department Head, one for the internal examiner, one for the external examiner and one for the Chair) after they have delivered the form to the Graduate Assistant office.

The following forms must be signed and returned to the Graduate Assistant when submitting the thesis;

NOTE: A PDF copy of the thesis must be submitted to the School of Graduate Studies ( following the same deadlines outlined in the reference material.  When a chair has been identified for PhD exams by the School of Graduate Studies, the thesis coordinator will notify the student and cc: Graduate Assistant where the thesis should be sent.

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that the correct formatting has been used in the thesis.