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Funding for PhD students comes from a variety of sources, including Queen’s University, research and teaching assistantships, and external studentships. The School of Graduate Studies and Research requires that doctoral programs guarantee a minimum stipend of $18,000 (in 2014-15) annually for four years of a student’s program and our program strives to increase this minimum amount to $25,000. The student’s stipend can come from a combination of teaching assistantships (TAs), research assistantships (RAs), internal awards (i.e., Queen’s Graduate Awards), and external awards. Each PhD student is guaranteed one TA position for a single term course in their second year. One of the conditions under which a Supervisor can accept a doctoral student is that appropriate funding has been prearranged with the Supervisor expected to underwrite at least half of the cost. One source of funding is supervisors’ operating grants, which permit requests for PhD student funding. Students entering the doctoral program require high academic standing which makes them competitive in seeking scholarships and fellowships from provincial and federal government organizations as well as other external agencies. Potential faculty supervisors can work collaboratively with prospective candidates to identify internal and external sources of funding prior to acceptance.nce.

For detailed and up to date information on available Awards and Scholarships visit the School of Graduate Studies website.