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Meet Our Undergraduates!


Meet our Nine EPID 499 Students:

Lydia DiStefano

Working under the supervision of Dr. Colleen Davison and Dr. Eva Purkey, Lydia is investigating how the characteristics and activities of Thai children who do not reside with their living biological parent(s) differ from those who live with their biological parents.


Dayna Gudaitis

Working under the supervision of Drs. Jennifer Flemming, Anna Marjury, and Wendy Wobeser, Dayna is investigating the effects of the type of health-care setting and geographic origin of the submitter of the hepatitis C antibody test on completion of testing for active chronic hepatitis C infection in ever-incarcerated individuals in Ontario.


Emily Fenech

Emily is working with Dr. Colleen Davison with the aim to investigate factors associated with early childbearing among Mongolian women.


Haley Golding

Haley is working with Dr. Patti Groome on a scoping review to explore predictors associated with long interval for colorectal cancer from first symptom to the beginning of treatment.


Alex Hemy

Alex is working with Dr. Will Pickett to determine if rurality is associated with earlier first substance use by adolescents.


Rafael Indyarta

Rafael, working with Dr. Heather Stuart, will be examining the relationship between heavy alcohol consumption and poor academics in Canadian Undergraduate Students, while controlling for mental illness as a confounder. 


Markku Laamanen

Markku is working with Dr. Heather Stuart to determine if students with chronic pain are likely to develop depression.


Clarabelle Lee

Under the supervision of Dr. Helene Ouellette-Kuntz, Clarabelle is developing and testing a brief measure of frailty for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities using clinical data held at a community agency.


Nathaniel Lowe

Nathaniel is working with Dr. Dallas Seitz to evaluate the patterns and correlates of antipsychotic use among older adults with late-life psychosis.


Arlene Oldale

Working with Dr. Heather Stuart, Arlene aims to examine the interplay between substance use (alcohol, etc...) and stress levels amongst Ontario university students.


Curtis Sobkowich

Kurtis will be exploring the impact of geology on bacterial migration into private well water in order to prevent future outbreaks of E. coli poisoning, working under Drs. Anna Majury and Geoffrey Hall.


Sunny Zheng

Sunny is working with Dr. Ana Johnson on a health policy project that examines the performance of Health Links in the Southeastern Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).


Epidemiology is often considered the core science of Public Health and is a field of research that draws on expertise from many disciplines, including medicine and allied health, mathematics, statistics, life sciences, environmental sciences, ethics, sociology, and policy studies. 

The Department contributes to the Queen's Faculty of Arts and Sciences undergraduate curriculum offering three undergraduate courses in epidemiology and biostatistics within the Life Sciences program.