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Course Descriptions

Students interested in taking a course offered by the department may do so as an elective in their program. An introductory statistics course such as STAT 263 is a required pre-requisite for the undergraduate epidemiology program. 

The following information provides a brief overview of the Undergraduate courses.

EPID 301: Principles of Epidemiology
Basic methods involved in researching the distribution and determinants of health/disease in populations. Core principles of epidemiology are examined, as are the various epidemiological approaches to study design. The latter include descriptive (cross-sectional and ecological), observational (case-control and cohort), and experimental (randomized controlled trials) approaches.
PREREQUISITE STAT 263 or equivalent, or permission of the Department.
Offered in both Fall and Winter terms for 2017-18. Instructors: Duncan Hunter (Fall), Helene Ouellette-Kuntz (Winter). 3.0 credits. 
EPID 401: Biostatistical Data Analysis for Life Science Students
An applied statistics course covering practical topics in tests and confidence intervals for single and multiple samples, ANOVA, linear regression, correlations, methods for categorical data, and nonparametric methods. SPSS package is used in the lab. The course emphasizes analyzing data arising in life sciences using practical statistical methods.
PREREQUISITE STAT 263 or equivalent. Restricted to students in honours Life Science programs.
Fall every year. Instructor: Paul Peng. 3.0 credits. 
EPID 499: Research Project in Epidemiology

An examination of an epidemiological research question chosen by the student with guidance from the supervisor. Project will involve review of the literature, development of a proposal, data collection and/or processing. data analysis, a written report and oral presentation. Students will be required to attend and report on seminars of their choosing from a number of venues across campus. 

Note Students whose research requires the care and/or handling of animals must also register in LISC 488
PREREQUISITE: EPID 301 or HLTH 323 or BMED 270; admission to honours in BSCG SSP LISC

Fall and winter every year. 12.0 credits."