Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics

Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics
Laboratory of Organic Photonics and Iontronics

A message to prospective students

Dear Prospective Students,

Our research on organic photonics and iontronics straddles the boundary between condensed matter physics, solid-state electrochemistry, and semiconductor devices. The two main objectives of our research are: First, we want to create novel, high-performance organic devices with potential display, lighting, or renewable energy applications. Second, we would like to use these devices as a tool to bring light to the poorly understood fundamental electrical and optical processes of organic semiconductors and mixed conductors. 

As an experimental research group, my students are expected to spend a significant amount of time fabricating and testing various light-emitting devices and photovoltaic cells. All students will be trained to master experimental techniques that utilize low temperatures, high vacuums, low-level electrical measurements, and optical and scanning probe imaging. Students will also learn to handle various materials and explore the underlying sciences in polymer physics, device physics, transport theory, electrochemistry and so on.

I have had hard working and talented graduate students with a diverse background in physics, engineering physics, optics, chemistry or electrical engineering. I am very proud of the fact that every one of my graduate students have published in top international research journals as lead authors. My Ph.D. students publish an average of five articles on cutting edge research. After graduation, my students go on to prestigious positions in industry (e.g. JDS Uniphase, Xerox Research, OZZ Solar, Nemalux LED lighting), government (e.g., National Research Council) or academia (e.g. Professorship at Beijing Jiaotong University, PDF or Ph.D. research at Bristol, Imperial College London, Simon Fraser).

We are looking for highly motivated undergraduates, graduate students, and PDFs to join us on a challenging quest for knowledge and self fulfillment. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our research, our department or Queen's University.


Prof. Jun Gao