Applications to access for Research, Teaching and other considerations are now being accepted. Please send applications to the Research and Safety Group c/o Julie McDonald. Please use this form: Request to Perform On-Site Work in Stirling Hall Form. (35KB docx)

For safety during COVID-19 pandemic, there are new protocols and guidelines put in place for research and work at Stirling Hall. All people accessing Stirling will have to:

  1. have taken COVID Safety Training Presentation (2.9MB PDF) provided by the Chemistry Department
  2. fill out Stirling Hall - Summer 2020 Research Access Acknowledgement form to agree to abide by the rules  
  3. fill out Stirling Sign-Out form when leaving Stirling Hall. This form is required for all physics members entering the building (staff, students, and faculty)

Failure to comply with these protocols and guidelines can result in removal from Stirling Hall, and further access to be revoked. If you have any questions or concerns regarding COVID-19 protocols and guidelines, please contact Julie McDonald, the Department Manager.

File Resources for COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines

Return to Campus Plan for the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics, and Astronomy(45KB docx)

Return to Work Plan for the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy (243KB pdf)

Radioactive Source Sign Out Procedure During the COVID-19 Pandemic (68KB pdf)

Physics Shop - COVID Safety Rules (30KB pdf)

Physics Stores Safety Protocols COVID-19 (92KB pdf)

Staff-Student Shop (141KB pdf)

Stirling Floor Maps (700KB pdf)

Stirling Floor Occupancies (78KB excel)

Useful COVID-19 Signage

Research Safety Protocol (118KB pdf)

Maximum Number of People (118KB pdf)

One Way Travel Direction (118KB pdf)

Campus Safety Protocol (118KB pdf)

Lunch Room Safety Protocol (124KB pdf)

Hand Washing Procedures (281KB pdf)

Hand Sanitizer Procedures (252KB pdf)

Coughing and Sneezing Etiquette (126KB pdf)

COVID-19 Info and Updates

COVID-19 and Safe Return Updates from VPR (Research) Updates from Eng & Applied Sciences