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Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy
Department of Physics, Engineering Physics & Astronomy

Tutor List

Contact information for tutors is provided below for the benefit of students seeking extra help in their undergraduate Physics and/or science classes. Note that tutoring does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department; this list is provided only for your convenience.

Name Courses Phone Email
Sheref Aboelhassan Willing to tutor math, calculus, statistics. 613-770-4806 16sna1[at]queens[dot]ca
Kevin Alexander Over 6 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Am willing to tutor any first year Physics or Math courses.   k.alexander[at]queensu[dot]ca
Braulio Antonio Experience tutoring first and second-year math, physics and programming courses, such as calculus, algebra, statistics, classical mechanics, and python.   19bfac [at]queensu[dot]ca
Golnaz Azodi Aval Willing to tutor first year physics courses.   gazodi[at]physics.queensu[dot]ca
Dhruv Bisaria I have 5 years of teaching assistant experience and enjoy tutoring online over Zoom - I make use of an iPad and stylus to mimic classroom instruction. I can tutor any physics or math course during the Winter 2021 semester except for APSC 112 since I am an active TA in this course. As a tutor I have also had great success in crafting and executing study plans with my students. Please email me for samples of my previous tutoring sessions and information on my rates.   0db36[at]queensu[dot]ca
Laura Burchell I can tutor any 1st year engineering physics course like APSC 111 and 112, and also ENPH 239, MECH 270, MECH 370, ENPH 211   laura.burchell[at]queensu[dot]ca
Sam Connolly Four years of university level tutoring, both in-person and online. Happy to tutor first year math, computer science, and physics, as well as second year math and PHYS 213, 239, 242, 344, and 345. 778-977-8770 s.connolly[at]queensu[dot]ca
Edward DeWit PHYS 104, 106, 117, 118, 206, 212, 239, 213, 316, 317, 334
APSC 111, 112
ENPH 211, 213, 225
519-281-9563 12ebd[at]queensu[dot]ca
Austin Diggins I can tutor 1st and second-year. Any first-year engineering course, and any second-year ENPH courses or ones like them. 416-720-8609 16ardd[at]queensu[dot]ca
Eddy, Nathan I taught high school physics/math for 6 years, and have previous tutoring experience. I am willing to tutor first year physics/math courses.   Nathan.eddy [at]queensu [dot]ca or Nathan.eddy[at]live[dot]com
Please reply with “Subject: Tutor Request (course)"
Javier Fernández Acevedo I am willing to tutor any first/second year physics or math course. 613-305-4162 17jfa1[at]queensu[dot]ca
Tristan Fleming All first and second year PHYS/ENPH listed courses   tristan.fleming[at]queensu[dot]ca
James Godfrey I have TAed PHYS104/106 for the last 3 years (runner up for TA award 2016); the TA contract disallows me from tutoring for this course. I am willing to tutor any first year calculus or PHYS117/PHYS118, and any upper-year electromagnetic theory or quantum mechanics courses (incl. PHYS/ENPH239, 344, 345, 432, and the quantum portion of 242). I have previously tutored 117, 344, and 345, and an online equivalent of 239, and my students have shown great improvement!   11jrkg[at]queensu[dot]ca
Shiyu (Sirius) Hu I’m willing to tutor first year physics courses (PHYS117/104/106 APSC110)[at]queensu[dot]ca
Ananthan Karunakaran Available to tutor first year physics courses. I have volunteer experience in a physics help centre directed towards first year students.   15ak57 [at]queensu[dot]ca
Tessa Krause I can tutor APSC 111, APSC 112, APSC 171, APSC 172, APSC 143, ENPH 242, ENPH 239, and ENPH 213.   tessa.krause[at]queensu[dot]ca
Frankie Polak Willing to tutor first-year physics courses, PHYS 242, and PHYS 250 289-314-8710 frankie.polak[at]queensu[dot]ca
Rana Poushimin  I would like to be a tutor for first year physics courses.   18rp7[at]queensu[dot]ca
Dominic Rochfort I will tutor any first year course.   dominic.rochfort[at]queensu[dot]ca
Chaobei Tong Willing to tutor first year physics courses.   chaobei.tong[at]queensu[dot]ca
Kurt Tyson Willing to tutor first year physics courses (PHYS 117/106/104)   12kht1[at]queensu[dot]ca
Vasundhara Available to Tutor Physics, Math or Computer science courses for 1st and 2nd year. 343-363-2814 vasundharamehta1993[at]gmail[dot]com
Carter Watson I would be happy tutoring APSC 111/112, and APSC 171/172.   15cww[at]queensu[dot]ca 
Zhongyin Zhang I am a 4th year student who is majoring in physics with a minor in computing. I am available to tutor the first and the second year students. I am good at the first year Phys courses (117,118,104,106) and part of the second year phys courses (213,212,239), as well as some supporting courses (math110, math120, cisc121).  


Become a tutor

If you are a graduate student or an upper-year undergraduate of high academic standing who wishes to add your name to the Physics tutor list, please contact our Graduate Assistant.