Tutor List

Contact information for tutors is provided below for the benefit of students seeking extra help in their undergraduate Physics and/or science classes. Note that tutoring does not fall under the jurisdiction of the Department; this list is provided only for your convenience.

Name Courses Phone Email
Sheref Aboelhassan Willing to tutor math, calculus, statistics. 613-770-4806 16sna1[at]queens[dot]ca
Kevin Alexander Over 6 years of teaching and tutoring experience. Am willing to tutor any first year Physics or Math courses.   k.alexander[at]queensu[dot]ca
Braulio Antonio Experience tutoring first and second-year math, physics and programming courses, such as calculus, algebra, statistics, classical mechanics, and python.   19bfac [at]queensu[dot]ca
Troy Allen Can tutor for any first-year physics course (PHYS 104/106, PHYS 117, APSC 111 or APSC 112).   troy.allen@queensu.ca
Golnaz Azodi Aval Willing to tutor first year physics courses.   gazodi[at]physics.queensu[dot]ca
Pheely Chitnelawong Available to tutor first year physics, math, and Calculus courses.   p.chitnelawong@queensu.ca
Brian Courtman

APSC 111, 112, 171, 172, 143. ENPH 211, 239, 242. And any equivalent courses.

Rayhaneh Dehghani PHYS 115,118. APSC 112. Will to help out with all first and second year physics and math courses   rd92[at]queensu[dot]ca
Edward DeWit PHYS 104, 106, 117, 118, 206, 212, 239, 213, 316, 317, 334
APSC 111, 112
ENPH 211, 213, 225
519-281-9563 12ebd[at]queensu[dot]ca
Austin Diggins I can tutor 1st and second-year. Any first-year engineering course, and any second-year ENPH courses or ones like them. 416-720-8609 16ardd[at]queensu[dot]ca
Eddy, Nathan I taught high school physics/math for 6 years, and have previous tutoring experience. I am willing to tutor first year physics/math courses.   Nathan.eddy [at]queensu [dot]ca or Nathan.eddy[at]live[dot]com
Please reply with “Subject: Tutor Request (course)"
Javier Fernández Acevedo I am willing to tutor any first/second year physics or math course. 613-305-4162 17jfa1[at]queensu[dot]ca
Tristan Fleming All first and second year PHYS/ENPH listed courses   tristan.fleming[at]queensu[dot]ca
Audrey Fung All first year couses, PHYS/ENPH 239, PHYS/ENPH 344&345   audrey.fung[at]queensu[dot]ca
James Godfrey I have TAed PHYS104/106 for the last 3 years (runner up for TA award 2016); the TA contract disallows me from tutoring for this course. I am willing to tutor any first year calculus or PHYS117/PHYS118, and any upper-year electromagnetic theory or quantum mechanics courses (incl. PHYS/ENPH239, 344, 345, 432, and the quantum portion of 242). I have previously tutored 117, 344, and 345, and an online equivalent of 239, and my students have shown great improvement!   11jrkg[at]queensu[dot]ca
Hosseini, Amirhossein Willing to tutor first year physics, math & calculus   a[dot]hosseini[at]queensu.ca
Shiyu (Sirius) Hu I’m willing to tutor first year physics courses (PHYS117/104/106 APSC110)   shiyu.hu[at]queensu[dot]ca
Ananthan Karunakaran Available to tutor first year physics courses. I have volunteer experience in a physics help centre directed towards first year students.   15ak57 [at]queensu[dot]ca
Leo Kim Available to tutor first and second year physics/math courses, and some third year physics courses   leo.kim[at]queensu[dot]ca
Tessa Krause I can tutor APSC 111, APSC 112, APSC 171, APSC 172, APSC 143, ENPH 242, ENPH 239, and ENPH 213.   tessa.krause[at]queensu[dot]ca
Rana Poushimin  I would like to be a tutor for first year physics courses.   18rp7[at]queensu[dot]ca
Dominic Rochfort I will tutor any first year course.   dominic.rochfort[at]queensu[dot]ca
Chaobei Tong Willing to tutor first year physics courses.   chaobei.tong[at]queensu[dot]ca
Kurt Tyson Willing to tutor first year physics courses (PHYS 117/106/104)   12kht1[at]queensu[dot]ca
Vasundhara Available to Tutor Physics, Math or Computer science courses for 1st and 2nd year. 343-363-2814 vasundharamehta1993[at]gmail[dot]com
Carter Watson I would be happy tutoring APSC 111/112, and APSC 171/172.   15cww[at]queensu[dot]ca 
Zhongyin Zhang I am a 4th year student who is majoring in physics with a minor in computing. I am available to tutor the first and the second year students. I am good at the first year Phys courses (117,118,104,106) and part of the second year phys courses (213,212,239), as well as some supporting courses (math110, math120, cisc121).  


Become a tutor

If you are a graduate student or an upper-year undergraduate of high academic standing who wishes to add your name to the Physics tutor list, please contact our Graduate Assistant.