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Planning and Budgeting

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Common University Data Ontario (CUDO)

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Adobe PDF icon  CUDO 2019 (PDF 335 KB)


  • Section A: General information (address, qualifications offered/awarded, degrees conferred, enrolment)
  • Section B: Admission (applicants/registrants, undergraduate admission requirements, entering averages, application fees)
  • Section C: Transfer admission from post-secondary institutions
  • Section D: Library collections
  • Section E: Student life (geographic origin of 1st year students, students living on campus, campus life, activities, housing)
  • Section F: Student experience information (NSSE, CGPSS)
  • Section G: Annual student expenses (includes tuition and living expenses)
  • Section H: Instructional faculty and class size
  • Section I: University revenue and expenses
  • Section J: Research
  • Section K: Other (Academic plans, key performance indicators, retention rate)

Updated December 4, 2020