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Planning and Budgeting

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Enrolment Planning

Student enrolment is a critical element in the University’s operating budget.  Over 80% of total operating revenue originates with either tuition or enrolment-driven provincial operating grants. Other university operations – Residences and Housing and University Libraries for example – are also heavily influenced by the number and types of students at Queen’s.

The enrolment planning and projection process at Queen’s is led by the Strategic Enrolment Management Group (SMEG). SMEG, Chaired by the Provost and Vice-Principal (Academic), has developed a Long-Term Strategic Enrolment Management Framework for the university. The framework will act as an enrolment planning guide and lays out a variety of factors for consideration within the enrolment management process. The framework outlines principles, goals and actions aimed at aligning enrolment management with the university's strategic priorities in consideration of external and internal factors.

As a result of the guiding principles from the Long-term Strategic Enrolment Management framework, a short-term three year enrolment plan is developed and the Queen's Senate approves the upcoming two academic years; future year projections are provided for information.