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Queen’s University Research Intensity and National Research Intensity Rank

As a member of the U15 group of Canada’s most research-intensive universities, Queen’s is conscious of its national and international position as a leader in research and innovation. We measure this national research standing using research intensity (ranked research revenue per faculty member) as calculated by Research Info$ource.

In 2015-16, our research intensity remained more or less within our target range (at $197,000 per faculty member), while our national rank fell to 12th. Our 2016-17 financial statements indicate a rebound in research intensity to approximately $260,000 per faculty member; our ranked national position will be published by Research Info$ource in October 2018 and will certainly increase from the 2015-16 level.

Contact our office at if you require these data in an accessible format.

graph of queens research intensity and national research intensity rank as compared with the U15 universities

Research Intensity and National Research Intensity Rank (PDF, 67 KB)

Updated October 2017