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Key Performance Indicators

The province of Ontario (through the Ministry of Colleges and Universities) requires all post-secondary institutions to provide access for students and prospective students to three provincially-determined measures regarding graduation, employment, and Ontario student loan default rates. The following presents Queen's University's indicators. These indicators support Queen's own established efforts to document our progress toward institutional goals, and further demonstrate Queen's position as a quality leader.

The data are published according to program categories and in comparison to the provincial average for Ontario Universities. To maintain adequate confidentiality of respondents, information has not been shown in instances where the number of students is fewer than ten.

Contact our office at if you require these data in an accessible format. Note: We are not responsible for third party documents or data.

PDF icon  2018 Queen's OSAP default rates (for students who were issued loans in 2015-16 and who completed or left their studies by 2016-17) (PDF 86 KB)

PDF icon  2018 Queen's employment rate for 2016 graduates (PDF 81 KB)

Adobe PDF icon  2017 Queen's employment rate for 2015 graduates (PDF 81 KB)

Adobe PDF icon  2015-16 Queen's employment, graduation and student loan default rates
(PDF 92 KB)

See also the Ministry's University Employment Outcomes for further information and the OSAP default rates and repayment assistance usage rates.

Updated February 10, 2020