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Planning and Budgeting

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Public Reporting

Queen’s is accountable to our government funders, our students and alumni, our faculty and staff, and to the general public. Examples of this accountability include

  • developing plans, goals and objectives, working toward their achievement, and documenting our progress
  • demonstrating that we provide students with a high quality educational experience that will equip them for life and career
  • ensuring our resources are used effectively and efficiently
  • providing a rewarding work environment for our faculty and staff
  • complying with the various regulations to which we are subject.

Fulfilling these accountability requirements can take a number of forms, including

  • publishing information that describes our academic programs and student support services
  • documenting and explaining our management processes – quality control and improvement, budgeting, planning, etc.
  • providing quantitative data about key aspects of the University – financial performance, student life and achievement, faculty activity – to allow stakeholders to understand the operation of the University, assess its performance, and compare it to other institutions.

The situations and roles of universities differ widely. As a result, accountability requires both comparative data, and customized information. This web page represents only a portion of Queen’s overall accountability and information efforts. It contains links to information within and outside Queen’s, data and performance indicators that describe the University and permit comparisons, and survey data that document the student experience.

Comments and requests for additional information, or for data in a more accessible format, should be directed to

Note that we are not responsible for the accessibility of third-party documents or data.