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Survey FAQ

Our FAQ page contains answers to the most commonly asked questions related to the following:

Account Eligibility

Who is eligible for a Qualtrics account?
Queen’s faculty members, graduate students conducting research with faculty supervisor authorization, and staff undertaking approved surveys are eligible to receive a Qualtrics account. Undergraduate students (including those in the School of Medicine) are not eligible for their own accounts.
To apply for a Qualtrics account, submit the iTrack form here:
Note: This excludes the Smith School of Business. They have a separate Qualtrics license. Contact Smith Support if you are with the School and want to have a Qualtrics account.
I'm a faculty member with an undergraduate research assistant. How do they gain access to Qualtrics?
Your ITAdmin Rep must request a generic NET ID from ITServices on your behalf. After you've received this NET ID, you then submit the Qualtrics account iTrack form to us with this generic NET ID. As the account owner, you would be responsible for any and all work undertaken.
I'm a medical student, or I have a research assistant who is a medical student. Do I/they qualify for a Qualtrics account?
No. Medical students are classifed as undergraduate, and as such do not qualify for a personal Qualtrics account.
Post-gradudate medical students do qualify for a personal Qualtrics account, under faculty supervision.
Can our department/unit set up a generic account?
Yes, we can set up an account for you using a valid generic NET ID. Please include the name and contact number of the person who will be responsible for the account when you submit the iTrack form. Use of a generic account must be authorized by a faculty or staff member, not a student.
How do I apply for an account?
Note: This excludes the Smith School of Business. They have a separate Qualtrics license. Contact Smith Support if you are with the School and want to have a Qualtrics account.

Account Management

How do I log in to my Queen's Qualtrics account?
Go to and enter your Queen's net id and password. Bookmark this page!
Note: If you have a Smith School of Business account, your log-in URL will be different. Contact Smith Support for further information.
I used to be able to create a group in FluidSurveys. How do I do this in Qualtrics?
You can't, only brand administrators and division administrators can do this. If you'll be collaborating on multiple surveys and with several people, and want to share contact lists, graphics and other files, contact us to discuss setting up a group for you.
Note that even if you are in a group, you must "Share a Project" to collaborate with other Qualtrics account holders. See for details.
What's the difference between a group and a division?
Groups are helpful for those who want to share a library and a contact list. Users cannot share libraries or email contact lists unless attached to a Division or Group.
Divisions are used to divide users into mini organizations within your larger organization, allowing you to give each division its own permissions and administrators. Division Administrators have access to the Users, User Types, Groups, and Group Types pages. Any changes a Division Administrator makes to these pages apply only to their Division.
Contact us if you'd like to discuss either a Group or a Division for your department.
I'm a Division Administrator. How do I add and manage Groups?
See our brief video on adding and managing Groups at
NOTE: Do NOT delete users from Qualtrics or change their user names!
Doing the first will remove the person’s account entirely, including all projects and data under the account, as well as all projects shared with others. Doing the second will prevent the user from gaining access to their Qualtrics account.
See our video at for Division Administrator Dos and Don'ts.
If a username is incorrect, or an account needs to be deleted, please contact us at and we’ll make the necessary changes.
How do we gain access to a Qualtrics survey module that isn't part of the Queen's license? (Example: SMS, the Offline Mobile App, Tableau Web Data Connector, etc.)
This would be a matter between you and Qualtrics. If your department/unit has the funds to pay for an additional module not included in the Queen's Qualtrics license, contact Ryan Durrant at to discuss it. Once they receive payment from you for the module, they will enable it.
How can we access the account of a former co-worker who is no longer at Queen's?
Have the former co-worker's direct supervisor email us at with authorization to transfer ownership of the person's survey(s) to another Qualtrics account-holder.


Can we have a customized survey template?
Our license with Qualtrics allows for 5 branded templates, 4 of which have been designed with a Queen's logo and 1 of which is blank. All are available through the "Look & Feel" option of your survey.
You can further customize your survey by adding your own graphics and/or text to the survey header and/or footer, using the "Advanced Look and Feel" settings. See Qualtrics Support for instructions on how to do this:

Data Security

Is Qualtrics data secure?
Qualtrics passed both phases of Queen’s Security Privacy Risk Assessment (SPRA), evaluated by ITServices.
See Qualtrics Security Statement for further details on their security standards.
Where are Qualtrics data servers located?
Data collected by Queen's University will be stored in a data center in Toronto, Canada and backup data is stored in Montreal, Canada.
See Qualtrics Security Statement for further details on their security standards.
Where is Qualtrics located?
Qualtrics’ head office is in Utah, however they also have Canadian operations.
See Qualtrics Security Statement for further details on their security standards.

Data Privacy

Can I choose to make my survey completely anonymous?
Yes, there are two ways to do this:
Option 1: Distribute your survey with an anonymous link. The anonymous link is a generic link that can be sent via your own email and can be forwarded by anyone or posted to a website. There is no way to tell who completed your survey or if they completed it multiple times.
Option 2: If you want to send your survey to a specific group of contacts, yet still are required to be completely anonymous, use the Qualtrics Emailer to send your survey. This will allow you to track the responses, and send selective reminders. However, as the default for this option is that user names and emails will be stored with your results, you must turn this off in Survey Options to ensure that the responses are anonymous. You'll find this option under Survey Termination/Anonymize Responses. No personal data or IP addresses will be recorded.
For further information on using anonymous links, see the document How You Distribute Your Survey - Impacts on Responses and Reminders (PDF, 151 KB).
How long will my data remain on Qualtrics servers? Can the data be permanently deleted?
If a user exports or downloads data into CSV, TSV etc., the data are not automatically deleted from the account or servers. They will remain on the user's account indefinitely for future analysis or manipulation.
If the user deletes the data from their account after exporting, the data will remain on the Qualtrics servers for a 90 day period where they could be recovered if the user reaches out to Qualtrics Support. After the 90 day period, the data are permanently deleted from Qualtrics servers.

Data Migration

Can I import my current response files into Qualtrics?
Yes, you can combine responses from two identical surveys, re-upload edited data, or bring in your own data. Here are the steps:
Can I combine my current data responses into a new survey in Qualtrics?
Yes, you can combine response data from two identical surveys. Here are the steps:

Survey Design

How do I determine what sample size I need for my survey?
See the Qualtrics Support article, Calculating Sample Size, and download their free e-book at
How do I design the best survey for my research needs?
Qualtrics has various articles you can read as a starting point. Check out "10 Tips For Building Effective Surveys" and "Survey Design Your Respondents Will Love."

Project Management

Can I have a respondent fill out the survey, attach a file and submit it back to me with their survey response?
Yes. This is the File Upload question that Queen’s has purchased as an add-on to the initial license. Contact us at if you require further information.
Can I create a question that contains a file (PDF, Word, graphic, video, etc.)?
Yes, you can add a file into a question. In the Rich Content Editor (of a textbox question, for example), you can insert a graphic, video, or a file that the respondent can access and/or download. Qualtrics will ask you to upload the file in question, after which it will create a hyperlink for the file.
How do I open and close my survey, and can I set a date in the future to have it close automatically?
Yes, you can control this manually or you can set a date range for which your survey is active. Instructions can be found on Qualtrics Support at
What is the Qualtrics standard email distribution limit for accounts?
Qualtrics' email distribution limit on all accounts is set at 10,000 emails per week. If you'll be doing a large survey and need to have this limit increased, contact with the following: your username, the number of times you'll be sending the survey to the group in question, the length of time for this increase in email limit, and your audience.
Note that it can take up to a week for Qualtrics to increase your email limit, so plan accordingly.
What does Qualtrics do if someone exits a survey without completing it, and what are the implications to them and to my survey responses?
After a participant starts a survey, they have a certain amount of time allotted for them to complete the survey, regardless of the survey’s activation status or expiration dates. How much time the participant has is determined by the Partial Completion setting, found in the Survey Options.
For further information please see Understanding Partial Responses and Responses In Progress.
How do I determine whether my survey is accessible?
Qualtrics allows you to check survey accessibility, for respondents who will be using a screen reader. Go to your Survey tab, click Tools and then Check Survey Accessibility:
For information on the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, see
Are my projects and uploaded files automatically stored in my Library? What happens if I no longer have a Qualtrics account?
A Library consists only of what you choose to copy into it, whether it be all or part of a project (survey), files, contact lists, etc. A project that you create does not, by default, go to your personal Library.
If you are building a project that you want to share with a Group or with individual Qualtrics account holders, but you do not want others to collaborate on the project, first finish creating it in your own account, then copy the entire project to a Group Library or user, via your main Projects page.
You also can copy Blocks to your Group Library as you create them, for sharing purposes. This is useful for projects/questionnaires that people in a group want to copy into their own projects (e.g. a standard demographics set of questions).
Keep in mind that you can only fully collaborate when you first Share a Project with another user.
Important: The creator of any project owns that project, even if they have shared it with full permissions to others. If the creator deletes the shared project, or no longer has a Qualtrics account, it is deleted for all users. If you no longer want to be a project owner, or you are leaving the department or university, you must transfer ownership of your project.
How do I transfer ownership of a project?
Brand and Division Administrators are able to transfer your project to another Qualtrics account holder. If you have created a project that you no longer wish to own, or you are leaving the department or university, email us at or contact your Division Administrator (if your unit has a Division) to implement the transfer.
How can we access the survey/data of a former co-worker who is no longer at Queen's?
Have the former co-worker's direct supervisor email us at with authorization to transfer ownership of the survey to another Qualtrics account-holder.

Research Ethics

My surveys are for feedback or administrative purposes only. Do I still need Ethics clearance?
Queen's Research Ethics web site states: "Quality assurance and quality improvement (QA/QI) studies, program evaluation activities, performance reviews, and testing within normal educational requirements, when used exclusively for assessment, management, or improvement purposes do not require ethics clearance."
If in doubt, contact the Research Ethics office directly, to determine exemption from Ethics approval and/or CORE training.

Support and Training

Who do I contact for help?
Qualtrics is a self-serve tool and offers unlimited, 24/7 support. For all survey-related questions and issues, contact them directly at Qualtrics Support. (Choose login via SSO; note that the company org ID is "queensu", all lower case.)
For all account administration issues, email us at
Help! I've deleted my survey; what do I do?
Contact us at The Brand Administrators can recover deleted surveys for you.
If, however, you want to recover deleted RESPONSES from an active survey, contact Qualtrics Support.
I have a Qualtrics account but I'm getting an error message when trying to log in. What do I do?
It most likely is a browser issue. Clear your cookies and cache and reload your browser, or use a different browser.
If the problem persists, contact Qualtrics directly, as there could be a temporary glitch at their end. (Choose login via SSO; note that the company org ID is "queensu", all lower case.)
Where do I get Qualtrics training?
Qualtrics has extensive online resources via articles, on-demand training, and their community. Visit for further information.
OIRP does offer occasional in-class training, and typically we will send an email advising Qualtrics account-holders of upcoming dates. Check our Survey and Training page; if we have anything scheduled it will be linked off this page.