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Queen's Survey Tool (Qualtrics)

(Excludes the Smith School of Business; the School has a separate Qualtrics license.)

The university has selected Qualtrics as its enterprise survey software. Over 8,000 corporations and organizations worldwide use Qualtrics, including a number of Canadian universities. Qualtrics offers a wide range of desirable features, including central account management, flexible group permissions, SSO login, experimental design capabilities and excellent analytics/graphics.

Requesting a Qualtrics User Account

(Excludes the Smith School of Business. Email if you're with the School.)

Faculty members, staff (with unit head approval) and graduate students (with supervisor approval) are eligible for user accounts.

Note: Undergraduate students (including those in the School of Medicine) are not eligible for their own account. See our Eligibility FAQ for more on undergraduate students.

The application form for a survey account is at

User Training

We periodically offer in-class Qualtrics training, subject to demand. Note that Qualtrics offers extensive online text and video user documentation, as well as 24/7 unlimited support. See our training and support page for any scheduled in-class training dates and further information.