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Capital Projects Approvals Process

The Office of Planning and Budgeting is responsible for coordinating an integrated front-end planning approach for major capital projects (projects in excess of 2.5 million dollars). Projects are reviewed to ensure preliminary alignment with University strategic plans including the Strategic Framework, and Campus Master Plan (2014). The Office of Planning and Budgeting ensures capital projects are taken through the appropriate internal approvals process including Principal Vice-Principals’ Committee, Vice Principals’ Operations Committee, Operations Review Committee and the Campus Master Plan Advisory Committee. If a major capital project proceeds to the Board of Trustees the Office of Planning and Budgeting provides input into Business Cases regarding; compliance to the Campus Master Plan (2014); alignment with the University’s strategic plans; and provides an overview of the risk assessment and needs analysis of the project proposal.


For projects in excess of $2,500,000 please contact University Planner Tony Gkotsis 

Capital Projects Approval Policy

Capital Projects Approval Procedure


For projects under $2,500,000 please submit a Planning and Renovation Request Form


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