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Module No.6 - Bent Yellow

  • Artist: Raymond Spiers (Canadian, b. 1934)
  • Year: 1972/73
  • Material: Fibreglass over foam core
  • Purchase information: Commissioned by the Art Purchase Committee for Duncan McArthur Hall, 1972
  • Location: In the north courtyard of Duncan McArthur Hall
  • Number on sculpture tour map: 9

outdoor sculpture

Bent Yellow is one in a series of works in which Raymond Spiers attempts to share the creative experience of artists with viewers.

Spiers made small hand-held model sculptures, or modules, by joining simple moveable forms together in a way that allowed a variety of arrangements to be created by the viewer/participant.

The Dean's Committee for Art Purchases had the opportunity to touch and move a smaller replica of the modules and select the final arrangement of the current sculpture.

Bent Yellow is an enlarged replica of that arrangement, although, by necessity, the units of the full-scale piece are not moveable. The work is typical of the 1970s in its attempt to demystify and engage others in the processes of artistic creation. Also, many artists explored the use of fibreglass in this period: a new material at the time, fibreglass was seen as a strong, lightweight medium well suited to modernist aesthetics.

[Module No. 6 - Bent Yellow sculpture][Module No. 6 Bent Yellow scupture]