Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

2013 Dublin International Summer Research Institute

A number of Queen’s doctoral students and faculty participated recently in a two week long International Summer Research Institute on “Diversity and Democracy”, hosted at University College, Dublin (June 3-14).   The Institute brought together  experts on nationalism and ethnicity from around the world, and students from Queen’s,  UQAM, and throughout Europe.

Among the Queen’s students attending were Meghan Laws, Sarah Pavan, Beesan Sarrouh, Charan Rainford, Philippe Roseberry – all from the Department of Political Studies; and Josephine Nielsen from the Department of Philosophy.  Queen’s faculty participating were John McGarry and Zsuzsa Csergo, both from the Department of Political Studies.

Apart from lots of intense work, the group managed to experience some of the fine restaurants and pubs of Dublin.  There was even time for a weekend trip to Belfast, and a tour of its conflict zones as well as the Republican plot at Belfast’s Milltown Cemetery.

The International Summer Research Institute is a joint initiative of Queen’s University and UQAM.  It was funded by research funds from Professor Alain Gagnon (UQAM) and Professors Banting, Kymlicka and McGarry (all of Queen’s).  The institute was also sponsored by the Trudeau Foundation, the CSDD (Centre for the Study of Democracy and Diversity, Queen’s U.),  CRIDAQ  (Interdisciplinary Centre of Research on Diversity and Democracy), CREQC (a research unit based at UQAM in Montréal), and RECODE (see

For details of the program, see Dublin Institute Programme.