Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Ognen Vangelov

Doctoral Candidate
MA International & Intercultural Communication (Denver); BA Philology/Linguistics (Sts. Cyril and Methoddius Univeristy, Macedonia)

Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall
Fax:  (613) 533-6848

Supervisor: Zsuzsa Csergo


Research Interests

Democratization, Autocratization, Nationalism, Inter/Intra-Ethnic Conflict, Identity Construction

Brief Biography

Ognen Vangelov is a PhD candidate at the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada and a Vanier Canada graduate scholar. He has a BA in linguistics and MA in International and Intercultural Communication. He worked as a lecturer at the ELTE University in Budapest, at Inalco in Paris and at Indiana University-Bloomington, from 2005-2013. He currently focuses on studying problems with nationalism, democratization and democracy in Central and Eastern Europe, particularly in Hungary and Macedonia.


Upcoming: “External Shocks, the Solidification of Ethnic Division, and Macedonia’s Democratic Regress”

 "Backing the Balkans: Prioritizing EU Enlargement Post-Brexit" Foreign Affairs July 6, 2016  (co-authored with Edward P. Joseph & Sasha Toperich).

“The Discursive Construction of the Serbs in the Mainstream Western Media During the Kosovo Crisis.” Annuairede la faculté de droit “Iustinianus Primus” de SkopjeSkopje, Macedonia, 2012.

“The Republic of Macedonia in the National and Strategic Programs of the Neighboring Countries.” Iustinianus Primus Law Review, 2011 (co-authored with Jasna Bacovska).

“The Greek Veto to the Macedonian Identity.” Centre for Balkan Studies, 2008, Budapest.


Ron Brown Fellowship—United States Department of Education.

​Ontario Trillium Scholarship

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship


Introduction to Politics and Government (POLS 110)
Comparative Politics: State, Nation and Democracy (POLS 243)
Comparative Politics: Democracy and Democratization (POLS 244)

Guest Lecture: Comparative Politics, Democracy and Democratization. Lecture entitled: "Secession and Military Interventions: The Kosovo Case"


State-minority relations in Central and Eastern Europe.

Lead Research Assistant on Brussels, Belgium in the collaborative project “The Politics of Complex Diversity in Contested Cities.”