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Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Margaret Little

Margaret LittleProfessor
Sir Edward Peacock Chair in Gender and Politics

PhD (York); MA (Queen's); BJ Hons (University of King's College)
Gender and Politics

Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C407
Phone: (613) 533-6233
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Margaret Litte's CV (PDF, 258KB)

Research Interests

Welfare; poverty; violence; Canadian social policy; an intersectional analysis of the Canadian second wave women's movement

Brief Biography

I like to think of myself as an anti-poverty activist and academic who works in the area of poverty, welfare reform, anti-poverty activist politics. I am jointly appointed to Gender Studies and Political Studies and am the 2013-18 Peacock Professor of Gender and Politics. In my spare (?!) time I am currently working on three projects: marginalized mothers’ activism, 1960s-1980s; white feminist racism; and the (in)effectiveness of food insecurity programs.

I am most interested in supervising students in the areas of poverty, Canadian social policy, welfare restructuring and anti-poverty organizing.

Margaret Little is the recipient of a number of research awards including a SSHRC Standard Grant (2006-2009) entitled, "Who's Hurting Now? A Race, Class and Gender Analysis of Neo-Liberal Welfare Reforms in Canada", and the Chancellor's Research Award (2000-2005) to study the impact of welfare reforms under the Ontario Mike Harris Government.

Selected Publications

Little, M.; E. Power and P. Collins, “Should Canadian Health Promoters Support a Food Stampe-style Program to Address Food Insecurity?” Health Promotion International, September 2014, Vol. 30, No. 1, pp. 184-193.

Little, M.; Power, E.; Collins, P., “Municipal Level Responses to Food Insecurity in Canada: A Call for Critical, Evaluative Research,” Canadian Journal of Public Health. March/April 2014, Vol. 105, No. 2, pp. 138-141.

Little, M., “Just another neoliberal worker: Tracing the State’s Treatment of Low-Income Mothers,” International Journal of Sociology of the Family, Vol. 38, No. 1, Spring 2012, pp. 1-18.

Little, M and L Marks, “Ontario and British Columbia Welfare Policy: Variants on a Neoliberal Theme,” Special Issue on Feminist State Theory, Comparative Studies of South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Duke University Press, Vol. 30, No. 2, 2010, pp. 192-203.

If I Had a Hammer: Women’s Retraining That Really Works,  Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press, 2006.

No Car, No Radio, No Liquor Permit: The Moral Regulation of Single Mothers in Ontario, 1920-1996, Toronto: University of Oxford Press, 1998. (Chalmers Book Award).