Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Celia Romulus

M.A. Sciences Politiques & Diploma in International Affairs/Development Studies (Université de Bordeaux)
Dissertation: Deconstructing the Duvalierist State - Gender, State Repression, and Migration Patterns between Haiti, Canada, and the U.S.A (Expected Defence in Fall 2016)

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    Department of Political Studies
    Mackintosh-Corry Hall
    Fax:  (613) 533-6848


Research & Teaching Interests

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Feminist Political Economy, Development Studies, Security Sector Reform, Latin American and Caribbean Politics, Gender and Politics, Migration and Citizenship, Critical Race Theory..

Brief Biography

Célia Romulus  is a PhD. candidate in the department of Political Studies at Queen’ University (Canada).  Her research focuses on gender and the state, migration studies, inter-generational trauma and transnational citizenship. She focuses on the normalization of gendered state repression under the Duvalier dictatorship; how these systematized forms of violence shaped movements of population out of Haiti; and the notion of citizenship as experienced by multiple generations of migrants. Before joining Queen's University, Célia Romulus specialized in gender-mainstreaming in public policies and in development and  worked as a programme director in the areas of gender-based violence in public spaces and security sector reform  for UN WOMEN, she  occasionally works as a consultant on these issues for several institutions. 

Selected Research Contributions

"Retour d’expérience « mémoire de la dictature duvaliériste et performance artistique" Rencontre des mémoires Haïti – Argentine Construire la démocratie : Mémoires et Transmissions - Institutions et Citoyenneté - Fondation Connaissance et Liberté in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (March 2016).

"Rumour and Artistic Performances as Forms of Testimony - Between Disciplining the Body and Collective Healing in Algeria and Haiti" co-authored with Yasmine Djerbal (Queen's University, Canada) Impunity, Responsibility and Citizenship - Haiti 2016 conference The Henri Peyre French Institute, The Graduate Center CUNY. New-York  U.S. (March 2016).

"Féminités et Masculinités Haïtiennes et Impact de l'Aide au Développement sur le Milieu Féministe Haïtien Post-séisme du 12 janvier 2010 - Le cas de la Violence Sexuelle" 7e Congrès International des Recherches Féministes dans la Francophonie in Montréal, Canada (Aug 24-28, 2015).                                        

"Continuité des Imaginaires Néocoloniaux : Aide au Développement et Enjeux" Rencontres Internationales Francophones du Réseau Genre et Action et Association Assaida el Horra in Tanger, Morocco (Dec 5-7, 2013). 

"Imaginaires Hégémoniques de Féminités et Masculinités Haïtiennes et Légitimation de Politiques Étrangères et Internationales" 25th Annual Haitian Studies Association Conference in Port-au-Prince, Haiti (Nov 7-9, 2013).

"Voices from the field - Haiti: Improving  Prevention and Response to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence by Peacekeepers and Communities and Women's Participation in Building Sustainable Peace and Security" Promoting Gender to Build a Lasting Peace: Reflecting on the Latin American Experience. RESDAL/UNWOMEN/Ministry of Defense of Argentina in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Apr 25-26, 2012).

"Gender-Responsive Disaster Management Processes - Haiti country response to the January 2010 Earthquake" Gender Analysis and Disaster Management Workshop - OECS/United Nations in Barbados (Nov 2010).

"Impact sexo-spécifique des catastrophes naturelles, protection et rôle des femmes dans le processus de reconstruction - L'expérience haïtienne post-janvier 2010" Special meeting of the Committee of the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women in Paris, France (May 2010)

Research reports

Assurer la sécurité pour tous et toutes: Genre et Réforme du Secteur de la Sécurité en Haïti - L'Egalite Homme/Femmes et la Police Nationale Haïtienne (Co-authored with Myriam Merlet) submitted to UN WOMEN (May 2009)


Joseph Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship   2014-2017
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (declined due to SSHRC scholarship) 2014-2015
Government of Ontario, Canada

R.S. McLaughlin Fellowship 2013-2014
Queen's University, ON, Canada

Queen's Graduate Award 2013-2014
Queen's University, ON, Canada

Emerging Scholar Award 2013
Haitian Studies Association, UMass Boston, U.S.A

Nominated by Queen's University for the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Competition in 2014.

Nominated by Queen's University for the Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarship Competition in 2013 and 2014.

Research Grants

Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement Grant  2014-2015
Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC)
​SSHRC research grant to conduct fieldwork in Haiti and in New-York (US)

Graduate Dean's Doctoral Field Travel Grant  2014
Queen's University, ON, Canada


Instructor, Topics in Gender and Politics -  Identity, Difference and Politics from the Local to the Global (3rd year undergraduate)                               
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies (Winter 2016)

Teaching Assistant, Introduction to Women, Gender, and Politics (2nd year undergraduate)
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies
Instructor: Dr. Elizabeth Goodyear-Grant (Fall 2014)

Teaching Assistant, Strategies of Political Research (3rd year undergraduate)                                                   
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies 
Instructor: Dr. Grant Amyot (Winter 2014)  

Teaching Assistant, Comparative Politics - Transformations  (2nd year undergraduate)                                                                         
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies
Instructor: Dr. Normand Perreault (Fall 2013)

Teaching Assistant, International Politics (2nd year undergraduate)                                                                                                     
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies
Instructor: Dr. Wayne Cox (Winter 2013)

Teaching Assistant, Democracy and Democratization (2nd year undergraduate)
Queen's University, ON, Canada, Department of Political Studies
Instructor: Dr. Zsuzsa Csergo  (Fall 2012)    

Instructor, International Risks and Politics (M.A in Journalism) 
Université Quisqueya- Haiti. (Fall 2011 and Winter 2012)