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Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Daniel Westlake

Daniel WestlakeBuchanan Post-Doctoral Fellow in Canadian Democracy
PhD Political Science (UBC); MA Political Science (UBC); BA (Carleton)

Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C419



Research Interests

Canadian and comparative politics, multiculturalism and immigration policy, political parties and elections, far-right parties and their impact on mainstream parties

Brief Biography

Daniel Westlake is a post-doctoral fellow in the Queen’s department of political science specializing in Canadian and comparative politics.  His research focuses on multiculturalism and immigration policy and parties and elections.  Building off of his dissertation, Multiculturalism and Political Parties: Explaining the Positions that Parties Take and their Influence over Policy Adoption, Daniel is currently doing work on way centre-right and centre-left support for multiculturalism has shaped policy development.  Related to this, he is also doing research on the way that the emergence of far-right parties is shaping the multicultural and immigration positions of mainstream parties.

Daniel also has a strong interest in Canadian elections and the Canadian party system.  He is currently developing a project examining the rise and the fall of the New Democratic Party between 2004 and 2019.  A key interest driving this research is the way that the NDP, as well as their competitors, have responded to the increasing importance of immigration and multiculturalism to recent Canadian elections.

Selected Publications

"Following the Right: Left and Right Parties' Influence Over Multiculturalism." Canadian Journal of Political Science. 53 no. 1: 171-188. 2020.

“Multiculturalism, Political Parties, and the Conflicting Pressures of Ethnic Minorities and Far-Right Parties.” Party Politics 24 no. 4: 421-433. 2018.

Data Sets

Westlake, Daniel. MCP for Immigrant Minorities: Annual Data 1960-2011.  Available through the Queen's Multiculturalism Policies in Contemporary Democracies website at: