Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Gregory Whitfield

MA (Queen's University); Ph.D. (Washington U) 

Heather Bastedo

Gregory's Email / CV
Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C302





Brief Bio & Research Interests

I work on issues in normative political theory and social science methodology, and try to bring the two together in interesting ways. My current book project is on the topic of political manipulation in contemporary theory. The animating concern is that liberal democratic societies lack the principled resources to address the justice and legitimacy of non-coercive and surreptitious interference with group and individual decisionmaking. This project is an attempt to give such an account, and in doing so draws on and speaks to both contemporary liberal political philosophy, formal political theory, and institutional design. I have additional projects on liberal neutrality, republicanism, structural equation modeling, and indigenous constitutionalism. As part of Queen's Center for the Study of Democracy and Diversity, I collaborate on work concerning questions of territorial sovereignty and historical injustice, especially concerning property rights and the juridical control of land.

Select Publications 

"Self-Respect and Public Reason." Critical Review of Social and Political Philosophy (forthcoming)

"Republicanism, Perfectionism, and Neutrality." Journal of Political Philosophy 24(1), (2016)

"Aboriginal Self-Government through Constitutional Design" (with Chris Al-cantara). Journal of Canadian Studies 44(2), (2010)