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Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Olivier Jacques

Olivier Jacques HeadshotSkelton-Clark Post-Doctoral Fellow
PhD, Political Science (McGill); MA, Political science (UdeM); BA, International Studies (UdeM)

Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C302


Research Interests

Comparative & Canadian political economy, social policy, taxation, inequality; public finance; Canadian & Quebec Politics, European politics, public opinion, time series analysis

Brief Biography

Olivier is a political scientist engaged in comparative and Canadian political economy. His doctoral research concerns the political economy of public finance in advanced democracies, with a focus on the consequences of austerity on policy choices and on politics. He is interested in the impact of austerity on intergenerational equity, and argues that governments implementing fiscal consolidations prioritize policies beneficial in the short term to the detriment of policies delivering societal benefits in the future. Olivier’s research investigates the institutional and political drivers of future-oriented decision-making processes and examines the impact of austerity on public opinion. One underlying theme of his research agenda is to explore if the policy trade-offs inherent to periods of austerity hinder social-democratic parties’ ability to assemble a viable electoral coalition.

His research agenda in Canadian political economy has addressed various areas of public policy such as Canadian provinces’ (lack of) childcare policy development, political discretion in infrastructure spending at the federal level and the determinants of tax policies. He also studied the impact of welfare states on income distribution and on health outcomes. Olivier has been the vice-president responsible for policy at Force Jeunesse, a non-profit organization committed to intergenerational equity. He was recently selected to participate in the Government of Canada’s Recruitment of Policy Leaders program. He regularly contributes to public debate in Policy Options, Le Devoir and La Presse.

During the Skelton-Clark fellowship, Olivier aims to improve understanding of the current political tensions within the Canadian federation by investigating how income inequality, interprovincial redistribution, decentralization and regional identities interact to foster political conflict.

Selected Publications

2020 “Austerity and the path of least resistance: how fiscal consolidations crowd out long term investments.” Journal of European Public Policy.

2020. “Targeting within universalism.” Journal of European Social Policy. (with Alain Noël)

2020. “Funding the state: taxation in Canada from a comparative politics perspective.” In E. Heaman et D. Tough (eds.) Who Pays for Canada, Taxation and Fairness. McGill Queen’s University Press.

2018. “The case for welfare state universalism, or the lasting relevance of the paradox of redistribution.” Journal of European Social Policy. 28(1): 70-85. (with Alain Noël)

2018. “Services de garde subventionnés: pourquoi le Québec continue-t-il de faire cavalier seul?” Institute for Research in Public Policy study. Study no 67. (with Gabriel Arsenault and Antonia Maioni)

2018. “Prioriser le court terme au détriment du long terme. ” Cahier de recherche, Chaire de Recherche en Fiscalité et Finances Publiques.

2017. “Under the Rising Wave. How Disaggregated Revenue Sources Can Tell Another Story for Québec’s Top Income Share.” Journal of Income Distribution. 25 (1). 1-25 (with Nicolas Zorn)

2015. Les leçons du régime fiscal suédois. Note de recherche. Groupe d’études sur les relations internationales du Québec.