Bernardo Sainz martinez, in a suit standing outside.

Bernardo Sainz-Martinez

Doctoral Candidate (Program Complete) | Graduating Spring 2024


Political Studies

Doctoral Candidate (Program Complete) | Graduating Spring 2024

Brief Biography

Bernardo recently completed his doctorate in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s University, Canada, where he specialized in Comparative Politics and Political Theory. He received his Master’s in Government and Public Policy and a BA in Philosophy from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City.

He is an academic collaborator and visiting scholar at the Social and Political Environment Department at IPADE Business School, and a member of the Public Service Network of the Botín Foundation. 

His academic interests lie mostly within Ibero-American politics and civil society, particularly the Mexican and Spanish cases. Other interests are philosophy, ethics, public policy, corporate social responsibility, education, and fiction.  

Research ​

Bernardo's doctoral project studied the impact that civil society networks have on nationalist social movements and political parties by looking at the cases of Catalonia and the Basque Country, and how CSOs may contribute to the radicalization or moderation of the demands presented to the state.

Selected Publications

Published Works

Journal Articles

​Sainz B. (2020). “Constitutional Patriotism and the Spanish Constitutional Debate”. Ciencia Política. 15(29): 225-248.  

​Op-eds and Other Academic Publications

​Sainz Martínez B, Salcedo-Romo A. (2020). “¿Qué es el consociativismo y por qué es la apuesta de Zapatero para rebajar la tensión territorial?” (What is Consociationalism and Why is it Zapatero's Bet to Reduce Territorial Tensions?). The Conversation.

​Morfini N, Sainz Martínez B.  (2019). “Italian-style Political Instability Comes to Spain”. Al Jazeera.

​Morfini N, Sainz Martínez B.  (2019). “Liderazgo político y democracia directa: El México de Andrés Manuel López Obrador” (Political Leadership and Direct Democracy: Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's Mexico). Foreign Affairs Latinoamérica.

​Morfini N, Sainz Martínez B. (2018). “López Obrador hacia la cuarta transformación” (López Obrador Towards the Fourth Transformation). Forbes Mexico.

Bazela M, Sainz Martínez B. (2016). “Brexit. El Reino Unido en una encrucijada” (Brexit: The UK at a Crossroads). ISTMO. 58(354).

​Sainz Martínez B. (2013). “La influencia de la fe en la reconciliación política. Una aproximación desde las comisiones de verdad y reconciliación de Sudáfrica” (The Influence of Faith in Political Reconciliation: An approach from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in South Africa). Revista de Humanidades: V Foro Universitas. Universidad Panamericana. (5): 63-75.

​Academic Material for IPADE Business School

​Sainz Martínez B, Bazela M. (2021) “Areas, Approaches, and Methods of Political Science” (Technical Note EPS 21 eN 01). IPADE Publishing.

​Bazela M, Sainz Martínez B. (2017). “The Impact of Intangible Forces on Business Management: An Introduction to the Political and Social Analysis of the Business Environment” (Technical Note EPS 17 N03). IPADE Publishing.

​Bazela M, Sainz Martínez B. (2017). “USA: Empire of Liberty” (Pedagogical Note 216-0072-8). IPADE Publishing.

​Bazela M., Sainz Martínez B. (2016). “The Rebellion of the Wunderkind of the United Europe: The Kaczynskis’ Poland” (Technical Note EPS 16 N 04). IPADE Publishing.

​Bazela M, Sainz Martínez B. (2016). “Brexit: The UK at a Crossroads” (Technical Note EPS 16 N 03). IPADE Publishing.