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Daniel Troup

Doctoral Candidate


Political Studies

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Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room B300

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Brief Biography

Daniel Troup defended his PhD dissertation in the Department of Political Studies at Queen’s in September 2022. His research broadly focuses on the intersection of sub-national conflict and international peace, and his dissertation analyzes the role of class conflict and racism in shaping the US-Canada security community. This research has been funded through Ontario Graduate Scholarships, a Donald S. Rickerd Fellowship in Canadian-American studies, and a SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship.


Canadian Foreign Policy

Studies in National Security

International Peace and Security 

International Relations Questions and Challenges: Territorial Politics

International Peace and Security

Political Economy of War and Peace 

Selected Publications

“Social Movement Success as a Political Process: The Case of the 2012 Quebec Student Protests” (with Jacob Robbins-Kanter) Canadian Political Science Review, December 2018

“The Place of Class in Canadian Politics: Industrialization, Path Dependence, and the Politics of Inequality” Canadian Political Science Association Annual Conference. Regina, Saskatchewan. May 31, 2018

“Slavery, Seigneurialism, and Civil War: The Geopolitical and Economic Foundations of North American Territoriality” Prairie Political Science Association Annual Conference. Banff, Alberta. September 16, 2017

“Mainstream Party Populism: Evidence from Canada and the United Kingdom” American Political Science Association Annual Conference. San Francisco, California. September 1, 2017

“Canada, the UK, and the Domestic Politics of Contemporary Military Interventions” British Association of Canadian Studies Annual Conference. London, United Kingdom. April 21, 2017