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Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Political Studies in the News: April 11th - April 17th, 2021

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Monday, April 12th

Globe and Mail: The loyalists of Northern Ireland have been let down by their leaders

In his opinion piece, Dr. McGarry says Brexit is the main reason for the current unrest in Northern Ireland.

Tuesday, April 13th

CHML 900 (Hamilton radio): The Bill Kelly Show

Dr. Leuprecht says the shear complexity of the mass shooting in Nova Scotia case is a complicating factor in how it was handled by the RCMP, as it involves 435 witnesses and 16 crime scenes. He also says a new survey suggests Canadians aren't very confident in the Canadian military's ability to change its workplace culture following reports of sexual misconduct and discrimination within the forces.

CBC/Radio-Canada - Toronto: Stopping arms sales to Turkey

Dr. Leuprecht talks about Canada's granting of export control permits to Turkey.

Wednesday, April 14th

CFRB 1010: Christian Leuprecht with John Moore

Dr. Leuprecht talks about a report that scrutinizes the RCMP’s handling of last year’s mass killing in Nova Scotia.

Thursday, April 15th

La Presse: Record rise in domestic terrorism in the country

Global News: Are COVID-19 restrictions leading to a growing risk of radicalization in Canada?

Dr. Leuprecht says the increase in domestic terrorism is worrying because it seems to be accepted by part of the population. He also talks about the new report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians that says lockdowns put in place to counter COVID-19 could lead to more Canadians being radicalized.