Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Political Studies in the News: August 5 - August 11, 2019

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Tuesday, August 6

CBC Online: Mysterious political robotexts may just be the start in a new era of 3rd-party ads

Dr. Rose says from a cost perspective, it's much cheaper than traditional media, and the dissemination has more legitimacy because it's shared among friends.

CKWS/Global Kingston: Security expert says many mass shooters exhibit multiple social problems

Dr. Leuprecht discusses a possible national handgun ban and trying to curb hate speech on the internet. 

Wednesday, August 7

CBC Online: Renewed calls for a national handgun ban fail to move Ottawa

Dr. Leuprecht questions whether a handgun ban would actually do anything to solve Toronto's current problems.

Thursday, August 8

TVO: Home truths, Part 4: The dark side of Kingston’s red-hot housing market

PhD candidate Doug Yearwood says that Kingston’s housing system needs to be fundamentally restructured, as it focuses too much on market housing and not enough on non-market and social housing.

Friday, August 9

National Post: Limits on Canadian money in U.S. politics means Trump donor backlash unlikely

Dr. Rose says this case is particularly acute in the U.S., when there are virtually no spending limits on fundraising.