Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Political Studies in the News: 13 - 19, 2020

POLS GraphicMonday, January 13

Kingston Whig-Standard: Sir Oliver Mowat and Sir John A Macdonald helped shape Kingston

Kathy Brock says one of our faults as a country is that we tend to underestimate what our founders accomplished.

CKNW-Vancouver: Prime Minister Trudeau is demanding answers over the downing of flight 752

CBC Radio: It could have been a nightmare, but it was just a false alarm

Christian Leuprecht discusses both the downing of UIA Flight 752 Iran and the false emergency text message warning of an unspecified problem at Pickering's nuclear power plant.

Wednesday, January 15

NewsTalk 650: Iran makes arrests in the downing of Ukrainian jet

Christian Leuprecht discusses the arrests and what the next steps are.