Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Political Studies in the News: 20 - 26, 2020

POLS GraphicWednesday, January 22

The Agenda with Steven Paikin, TVO: Iran, Canada, and the consequences

Christian Leuprecht discusses how the international community and the Trudeau government grapple with the recent downing of Flight PS752 in Iran.

Friday, January 24

CBC Online: Military faced some confusion during hectic Manitoba manhunt

Christian Leuprecht says the communication problems were minor, though they did complicate a serious public safety effort in unfamiliar territory. He said such reports help the military improve.

Toronto Star: Paid Meng Wanzhou protest worth CSIS scrutiny

Christian Leuprecht says foreign powers paying Canadians to effectively sway debate should be investigated by security intelligence.