Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Political Studies in the News: January 6 - 12, 2020

POLS GraphicMonday, January 6

CBC Online: This week will test Canada's job-creation machine

Keith Banting says despite the fact that the economy is doing reasonably well, and despite the fact that the Canadian middle-class income has been better and more stable than most middle classes around the world at the moment, there is still a general sense of anxiety.

Globe and Mail: Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s first and only female premier, is disappointed in Canada’s lack of women leaders

Kathy Brock says the reasons for the current dearth of female premiers are complex and some of the continuing barriers to women getting involved in politics are still there.

Radio Canada International: NATO emergency meeting over killing of top Iranian general

Christian Leuprecht discusses the fall out from the attack.

Wednesday, January 8

CBC Radio: How will the US react to Iran’s missile attacks

Christian Leuprecht discusses whether the retaliation could actually be an opportunity for de-escalation, or even diplomacy (14:30).

Thursday, January 9

Charles Adler radio: Coverage of the Tehran plane crash

Christian Leuprecht discusses the Tehran plane crash that left 176 people on board dead

Saturday, January 11

CBC Radio: Canadian politicians reflect on how the crash of Ukrainian International Airlines Flight PS752 is reverberating across the country

CBC Online: What Iran's admission on Ukrainian plane shooting may mean

Christian Leuprecht discusses the fallout from the crash as new details continue to emerge

CBC Online: Why Trump's call for an expanded NATO presence in the Middle East will be a hard sell

Stéfanie von Hlatky says NATO's leadership could flip the situation on its ear and use Trump's sudden plea for help to remind the president of the alliance's continued importance.