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Professor Susanne Soederberg awarded IPEG Book Prize

The department is pleased to announce that Professor Susanne Soederberg has been awarded the 2015 IPEG Book Prize for her book, Debtfare States and the Poverty Industry: Money, Discipline and the Surplus Population.

The International Political Economy Group IPEG has awarded a book prize each year for the past decade. It is one of the most prestigious awards in IPE, attracting sponsorship money from a variety of academic publishers.

The judges commended Susanne "on both the theoretical and empirical innovations of the book, which collectively provide a compelling intervention on the origins and meaning of debt."

The key theoretical innovation ­ the integration of a concept of ‘secondary’ exploitation within a broadly classical Marxist understanding of money and capitalist social relations – is significant in and of itself. However, the main strength of the book is the empirical demonstration of this in relation to the case studies that form the major part of the book Insightful and analytical, Soederberg’s book offers an original Marxist take on debt in neo-liberal global economy.

By introducing and applying ‘fresh’ analytical vernacular, the author captures the causes of ‘the poverty industry’ while enriching the ‘traditional’ discipline of political economy. This is a remarkable book for its explanatory power in uncovering contemporary dynamics of exploitation. For this reason, the book makes a significant scholarly contribution.


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