Department of Political Studies

Department of Political Studies
Department of Political Studies

Stéphanie Martel 

Stephanie Martel

Assistant Professor
PhD (Université de Montréal)

Department of Political Studies
Mackintosh-Corry Hall, Room C410
Phone: (613) 533-3120



Research Interests

Multilateral diplomacy, global security, and the role of discourse in international relations, with a specialization on Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific. 

Brief Biography

Stéphanie Martel is an Assistant Professor at Queen’s University. She received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the Université de Montréal in 2017. Prior to joining Queen’s, she was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of British Columbia and McGill University. Stéphanie has extensive research experience in Southeast Asia, and regularly takes part in meetings on strategic and economic issues in the Asia-Pacific, alongside representatives of regional governments and civil society. She is currently working on a book on Debating Regional Security in the Asia-Pacific: Discourse in the Making of an ASEAN Community. Stéphanie is a member of the executive committee of the Canadian Council for Southeast Asian Studies.

Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed articles

2017. “From Ambiguity to Contestation: Discourse(s) of Non-Traditional Security in the ASEAN Community,” The Pacific Review 30(4): 549-565.

2015. [“Countering Cross-Border Trafficking in Southeast Asia: Subregional Cooperation as a Catalyst for Security Regionalism”] « Lutte anti-trafic transfrontalière en Asie du Sud-Est : la coopération subrégionale comme tremplin pour le régionalisme en matière de sécurité », L’Espace Politique 24(3). DOI: 10.4000/espacepolitique.3181

2014. [“China and ASEAN: an ambivalent relationship”] « La Chine et l’ASEAN : une relation ambivalente », Monde Chinois 2-3(38-39): 48-65.

2013. “The recruitment of female ‘mules’ by transnational criminal organizations: securitization of drug trafficking in the Philippines and beyond,”Social Transformations: Journal of the Global South 1(2): 13-41.

Book chapters

2015. [“Borders in East Asia: Imprecisions, Contradictions, Reclamations”] « Les frontières en Asie orientale : imprécisions, contradictions, revendications » in Arnaud Pautet et Eric Frécon (dir.), L’Asie orientale. Paris: Ellipses.

2015. [“(Dis)Organized Crime in East Asia”] « Le crime (dés)organisé en Asie orientale » in Arnaud Pautet et Eric Frécon (dir.), L’Asie orientale. Paris: Ellipses.

Book reviews

2017. Think Tanks and Non-Traditional Security: Governance Entrepreneurs in Asia. By Erin Zimmerman. Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2016, 214 pp. in Pacific Affairs 90(1): 107-109.

Policy reports

2017. co-edited with Nhu Truong. Southeast Asia in an Evolving Global Landscape: Prospects for an Integrated Region and Implications for Canada. Vancouver: UBC. Online:

Supervisory Interests

International Relations theory; security studies (non-traditional & human security); international relations in the Asia-Pacific; Southeast Asian politics; multilateral diplomacy; regional governance; discourse and practices in International Relations.