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About the Positive Space Program

The Positive Space Program is co-sponsored by three groups:

Logo: EQuIP - Education on Queer Issues ProjectLogo: OPIRG KingstonLogo: Queen's Human Rights Office

Each sponsor is represented on the Positive Space Committee. The Human Rights Office also provides considerable administrative support, including the administration of program finances.

The program is funded by the AMS and SGPS.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Positive Space Program is to identify and encourage the development of positive spaces within the Queen's Community, and to empower members of the Queen’s Community to be agents of positive change.

The program exists to help facilitate the celebration of sexual and gender diversity at Queen’s in all its manifestations, such that all members of the Queen’s community are affirmed and supported.

Principles and Mandate

  1. All spaces at Queen’s should be safe for all people, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity and expression.

  2. While gender and sexual diversity are the focus, the program recognizes how an intersectional approach to working through these issues is a necessity within all discussions and education. Racism, ageism, ableism, and classism can serve to exacerbate the effects of discrimination faced by those who identify as LGBTQ+, and thus must be integrated within the discourse of sexual and gender diversity education.

  3. All people have the right, and the full agency to decide whether or not to exercise the right, to visibility, acknowledgment of their sexual and gender identity, and access to resources.

  4. Queen’s community members have a responsibility to challenge discrimination and contribute to a welcoming, inclusive, and accessible environment.


The objectives of the Positive Space Program are as follows:

  1. To facilitate a culture of understanding and celebration of LGBTQ+ folks, issues, and communities;

  2. To offer support and resources to individuals concerning LGBTQ+ issues;

  3. To strengthen the LGBTQ+ and ally communities on campus and in Kingston;

  4. To be a leader on campus, through advocacy, policy work, and awareness campaigns, in the amplification of marginalized voices in areas pertaining to sexual and gender diversity.

Responsibilities of Program Participants

Participants are volunteers who have attended a Positive Space Information Session and registered with the Program. As a participant with Positive Space, you are expected:

  1. To consider displaying a Positive Space sticker in a place that clearly identifies the space or area designated as “Positive," and to remove the sticker when moving out of the space;

  2. To ensure that all individuals in control of any space where you have placed a sticker (i.e. those who hold office hours in a shared/common office space) has voluntarily agreed to the demarcation of the space as a Positive Space;

  3. To respond with sensitivity to all requests for support, to provide information if able and only if it is known that the information being provided is accurate, and in cases where information is not known to a you, to refer individuals in need of support to the Positive Space Website for resources or to other resources on campus;

  4. To consider keeping doing research and staying up to date on LGBTQ+ issues in order to increase your ability to support others who are feeling marginalized;

  5. To protect the privacy of any individuals who seek out support, during and after one’s time as a Positive Space participant;

  6. To facilitate inclusive spaces and to challenge discrimination that may occur within your Positive Space to the best of your ability;

  7. To maintain a connection to formal communications produced by the Positive Space Program and its Steering Committee, and to consider attending any campus or community events that supports the mission to celebrate sexual and gender diversity.