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Sexual and Gender Diversity at Queen's

Transgender/Transsexual Policy Group

Poster: "Got a problem with Drag Queens or Drag Kings? Don't be such a drama queen. Gender variance. It's being who you are."

The Transgender/Transsexual Policy Group, or T/TGP, has been a significant player on trans issues at Queen’s since it was formed in 1998 by Julie Darke in the Human Rights Office with a number of faculty and staff who wanted to “to increase trans accessibility in residences, employment, and campus services by removing barriers from policies and practices.“

  • Gender identity. T/TGP supported the inclusion of “gender identity” as a ground of discrimination prohibited under the Queen’s Discrimination and Harassment Policy. It was included in the 2000 version of the policy. In this regard, Queen’s policy was a dozen years ahead of the Ontario Human Rights Code, which added “gender identity” and “gender presentation” in 2012.

  • Residence accommodation. T/TGP was responsible for encouraging the adoption of residence policies concerning individuals who identify as trans, which were then reflected in the Residence Life booklet and in residence application forms.

  • Resource information. T/TGP produced a brochure as well as the two “gender variance” posters that are still popular around campus.

    Transgender/Transgender Policy Group Pamphlet (311 KB) 

  • Policy on gender-neutral washrooms. Having devoted a lot of energy to this issue for a decade, the original T/TGP stopped meeting around 2008. In 2009, however, students on the Positive Space steering committee decided to begin a campaign to improve the availability of gender- neutral washrooms on campus, and adopted (with the permission of the earlier participants) the name Transgender/Transsexual Policy Group for their Positive Space subcommittee. They produced a Gender-Neutral Washrooms Policy that has now been adopted by the administration.

    Policy on Gender-Neutral Washrooms (377 KB) 

    Gender-Neutral Washrooms at Queen's (486 KB)